Feng Shui Annual Update 2015 the Essentials!


This pack has all the essential tools needed to triumph over the year.

Know where and when the benefits are for 2015 to create a window to fortune.


Do you feel stuck in your surroundings unable to make any changes?


Many people desire to use Feng Shui in their lives but find it difficult to make any changes to their property. These include people who live in apartments, rental properties or people who are not in a financial position to improve their place of residence; while some properties are just impractical to renovate.


We make it easy to bring Feng Shui into your life without the need for renovations.


For the Feng Shui savvy, this pack is a concise snapshot of the year ahead allowing you to access the positive energies and avoid the negative using strategic activations

Your 30 + page personalised report includes:

  • Auspicious Activation Dates to usher Wealth, Harmony and Support.
  • The Fate stars - access the good fate stars at the right time for you
  • The Annual Afflictions - where and when to implement cures
  • Your personal plotted birth chart or BaZi information
  • Your personal Life Gua along with your best and worst directions
  • The annual and monthly flying stars for the current year
  • Feng Shui Tips and Advice
  • Beneficial and negative personal dates for the year
  • And much more


Each Feng Shui Update pack is personally compiled using your date of birth to unite the right thing with the right time.

To make the most of this pack you will need to have a plan of your property and access to a good compass.



Feng Shui explains why our luck changes over time and how we can stay one jump ahead of it.


Feng Shui is concerned with the flow of Qi energy. Qi is the life force energy, the essence of life. This universal energy moves in tides that change quality according to time. Time is an important factor in Feng Shui. These Qi tides are used in Feng Shui and Date Selection, to determine where and when the best energy will be located in a given year.


This pack gives you the information needed so you can connect with your own hidden resource of positive power.


So take control of your life now and harness the power of Feng Shui.


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