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All you need is love
Love is the most powerful and desired emotion on the planet. It is what each and every one of us strives for. Love is the underlying motivation for life. Advertisers also know this as they bombard you with ideas of being sexier, richer, and thinner, all with the hope of hitting that nerve; to be loved.

The desire for a loving relationship can bring anxiety; am I lovable, when will it happen, and are they the one? Females in particular have been raised to feel that they are inadequate unless they can immediately find a love interest and potential husband. Many a fairy tale comes to mind with the outcome being a partner that adores them. “Some day my prince will come”…Well when? when will my true love ride up on that white horse? As mother says; “all in good time”, “things will happen when they are ready”; “you will know when it is right”.

Mother is right of course, things do happen for a reason, the universe decides what lessons you need in order to fulfil your destiny. All relationships, be it working, family or spouse are an important element on the path to fulfilment. Each interaction with another individual can teach us more about ourselves and help us to grow as human beings. Some relationships are just for fun and short lived whist others can last longer perhaps moving on as we reach certain cross roads.

Once again by using the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man we are given insight into someone’s relationship luck. By looking at a persons birth chart it is possible to see when the opportunities for relationships will appear. A birth chart also shows how each person interacts in any given relationship and can hold clues to improve the situation. This information can prepare us for any chance meetings that otherwise would have caught us off guard. Your potential for creating meaningful connections can then be enhanced using Feng Shui. A person’s home will usually reflect their birth chart. So, for example, if a person has relationship problems, there is usually a block within their home preventing them from reaching their goal. Sometimes they just need their Peach Blossom sector activated. Peach blossom is what the Chinese refer to as your “attractiveness”, your ability to draw people to you. Each person has a Peach Blossom direction that is distinctive to them and it too is derived from their birth chart.

Your outlook is integral to manifesting your desires. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts; they are the nature of how you perceive your world. Using positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with constructive images, instigates your mind to generate the law of attraction. Your home is also a reflection of your mind. Having items around your home that remind you to channel your thoughts towards your goal are known as “symbolism” and encompass not only specific items bought for a reason but your whole décor. Every time you look at your belongings, it conjures memories or thought patterns that you would hope are positive. Do you surround yourself with beautiful things or are your objects tired, dirty or broken? What feeling do you receive or more importantly project from your surroundings, are they supportive to forming wonderful relationships?

A pair of Mandarin Ducks is traditionally used by the Chinese to represent relationships. This is because the Mandarin duck is a most loving and faithful bird. Once it finds a partner it mates for life and should its partner be separated, it would fret for its loss to the point of death. There are other such animals that show similar romantic notions. Many birds are known to form long-term pair bonds that can last a lifetime; these include swans, geese, most hawks, eagles and falcons, most parrots, albatrosses, ravens, pigeons and doves. Native to China, the Mandarin duck may not feel very familiar to you so its symbolism may miss its mark. You may like to try another bird that you can better relate to, one that holds more significance for you.

So there is no need to stick to Mandarin ducks if your favourite bird happens to be, say, a parrot, just make sure it’s a loving pair of birds. A pair of doves would also nicely represent a loving couple and are used at many weddings. It’s the symbolic representation of a loving, monogamous couple that needs to be realised and it must strike a chord within you. In 2009, a good place to position your symbolic item is in the South as here you will be caught up in the winds of romance.




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