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Discover Love Destiny and Unlock Seductive Powers
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Love is the most powerful and desired emotion on the planet.

Are you wondering when that special someone will appear in your life?
This report will provide you with the understanding to release your anxiety by revealing what the universe has in store for you and how you can enhance your luck.
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  Feng Shui and Relationships Analysis
An insight into your relationships, through your home and your luck.
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Relationship Report  

About the Analysis.

Your Relationship Luck is derived using three methods known as The Cosmic Trinity of Heaven, Earth and Human.

Heaven: Your personal BaZi destiny chart which shows when the winds of change, that favour new relationships, are blowing your way. It also includes major relationship events like mergers and marriages.

Earth: Your Feng Shui. By using your personal birth chart we can derive where the most powerful sector in your home is for activating relationship luck. You are provided with the instructions for a time honoured San He cure that you can position in your home, in the correct place, at the correct time. You also receive your personal directions that enhance your relationship ability.

Human: Are you emotionally prepared for a relationship? Are you pushing people away with your negative self talk? Delve into your psyche and understand how you can improve your relationships using the Law of Attraction.

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What you get.
This 20 page report includes:
Relationship luck analysis based on your personal BaZi Destiny chart,
Breakdown of your current Ten year luck cycle,
Next 12 months overview highlighting the best months to usher in a relationship,
Steps to enhance your relationship luck using Feng Shui,
Best personal direction to tap your Relationship luck,
Instructions on how to derive your personal San He cure,
How to locate and when to activate your luck sector in your home,
Affirmations and insights to raise your personal power.
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