Relationship Synastry Report


Relationship Synastry Report

Comparison of two charts relating to each other




Relationship Synastry Report

The people in your life all have something to teach you, either about yourself or to assist you somehow on your journey. We need each other in order to succeed in life. Whether through family, friendship, work or love; relationships are important. A Synastry chart shows how two people’s birth chart works together. It highlights mutual aspects. Some aspects create challenges, others are harmonious and are the strength in your relationship.

On Check Out I will require for both charts:

  • Name
  • Time of birth
  • Day, Month and Year of birth
  • Location of birth
  • new location if different to birth location
  • your email address to send your report as a PDF attachment

This report is personally complied by Cindy and may take 24- 36 hours to appear in your inbox. Prices in AU$