Natal Chart Report


A useful tool on your journey of self-discovery is knowing your Astrological Natal Chart .

Includes your Plotted Chart and interpretation of Aspects to Houses with Sabian symbols.

Includes plotting and interpretation of Asteroid Juno, planetoid Chiron, along with astronomical points: Part of Fortune, Black Moon Lilith, and the North/South Nodes.




“Know yourself” is one of the maxims inscribed on the ancient Greek Temple of Delphi, a temple for the God Apollo. Apollo was the god of prophesy and intelligence that could unite the realms of heaven and earth. This phrase was also asserted by the great philosopher Socrates, who believed “the unexamined life is not worth living”.  Contemplating who you are and why you are here, are fundamental rights of passage. Some people take a life time to work it out but if you know early in life you can put that information to use and make the right choices to support yourself on your journey to fulfilment.

A useful tool on your journey of self-discovery is Astrology.  It gives you insights into your Strengths and Weaknesses. Creating a starting point to delve into who you are. Revealing your potentials and what you are naturally drawn towards.

It helps in relationships, knowing how you relate to others, and how you express yourself.

To know your style of communication, and your way of expressing love.

It helps to hone your passions and career path.

Once you know your Natal Chart you can find out what you have in common with other people’s charts, this is a called “Compatibility”, You can discover how upcoming cycles will affect your natal chart, known as “Transits”, which gives insights into timing life events.

Your Natal Chart is plotted and interpreted from:

  • Your time of birth
  • Your day, month and year of birth
  • Your location of birth

The above information is required on check out. The Natal Chart is personally complied by Cindy Coleman and may take 24-36 hours to appear in your inbox.

I use Tropical Placidus chart for Western Astrology. Prices in AU$