Feng Shui Consulting

Feng Shui is the art of harnessing the earth energy, or Qi (pronounced chi), to benefit your goals and well-being. The home we choose to live in, along with our workplace, impacts on our existence, influencing our lives in many ways. A property can be the cause of muddled thoughts, agitation, bring illness and loss; whereas a good Feng Shui-ed property can clear your thoughts and understanding, restore balance, assist you with your endeavours and goals, allowing you to perform at your best. It can bring prosperity, healthy relationships and well-being. Feng Shui has been used by the elite Chinese for over 2000 years. This classical art can be used today to give you the edge over your competitors, to enhance your family life, benefit your health and to empower your aspirations.



Contact me for a estimated quote on your next Feng Shui Consultation. I am available for in-person consultation and via remote online* to anywhere in the world. Examples of when Feng Shui can be implemented.

  • Before you build, land purchase, building design and plan checks.
  • Before you buy
  • Planning for Renovations
  • Swimming Pool and path placement
  • Making the most from an existing property
  • Move in dates
  • Annual Activations
  • Specific Assignment

Before you Build

By far, the best time to utilise Feng Shui is in the planning stage. It’s much simpler and certainly cheaper to rectify any issues before construction has begun. We have worked with clients and their architects to deliver functional, luxurious and appealing properties all using Feng Shui principles. If you are thinking of building a new house, office or specialist property, taking the time to discuss your ideas or have your plans assessed by a Feng Shui consultant will prove to be a valuable investment.
The location of a property is of vital importance, classical Feng Shui believes that 70% of all energy is derived from the surroundings, so with this in mind, selecting the right place to build makes all the difference.
Once you have the place, you will benefit from the right time. Date selection for construction along with the correct move in date can also be provided.
The resident’s birth details are taken into consideration as this information is used to further customise the important design aspects such as the main door, bedrooms and kitchen, supporting the life path and personal needs of the resident. Future placement of furniture can be also incorporated.

Before you Buy 

One person’s house is another person’s home. We all know not every property is suited for every person or their lifestyle. When faced with the decision to buy a home, how do you get it right?  A Feng Shui quick audit can be valuable in your selection. Often buyers have narrowed it down to a couple of choices. We will view the plans, notice any potential problems, forecast the chart of the home, compare it with the resident birth chart and see if the future home will support your endeavours. Some homes have good Feng Shui and only require a few positioning changes to make the most of them, while others are full of problems and would be very costly to rectify. Once we have looked at the chart, we then report our findings with a recommendation as to which house would be more suitable as a purchase for you. This service can later lead into a full house audit or a renovation service once the building is secured.

Your Existing Home or Business

In order to make the most of a property, you need to know the quality of its Feng Shui and how it then affects your goals. Having your existing home or business assessed gives you the knowledge to implement any changes. In assessment we utilise San He Landscape formula, Ba Zhai – 8 Mansions and San Yuan – Flying Star along with BaZi and life Gua. We combine these elements to produce a series of recommendations which can be implemented by the client. Often there is a specific query that can be addresses in such an audit, such as romance, career or wealth.


A renovation to a home or office can change the energy and feel of the building as the Feng Shui reference points can be inadvertently altered. As always, the ideal time to engage in an audit is during the design phase, however if you have already commenced the project, it’s not too late. We can work in with your plans and make recommendations which can alleviate any adverse issues while strengthening the positive. We’ll also select the best dates to begin work and advice on dates which activities should be avoided. The timing of your renovations is important as the wrong timing can bring detrimental consequences. To make the most of your renovation, seeking a Feng Shui assessment here would be beneficial. Like the ‘before you build’ why go to the trouble of extending or upgrading your home if in the long term will bring no real benefit.


Our gardens should be a tranquil place to retreat from the bustle of daily life. Gardens have an influence on the flow of Qi into and around a building.
Water features can stimulate good and bad energy; it just depends on where and when they are placed. The correct placement of a garden water feature is vital to ensure it can tap the life-giving qi then benefiting the residents of the household.
The same is true for placement of paths, drains and major trees. If you’re thinking of landscaping or perhaps installing a water feature or path, now is the best time to have an external audit performed. If you already have a landscaped garden, it’s important to know if it’s causing any issues for you or your family. Before you enhance your garden get your plans checked for correct Feng Shui.

Annual Assessment

Each year presents a difference scenario in Feng Shui, as does each month. An annual assessment provides essential and specific details to which locations in a building are positive and which areas are negative in any given month and year. Having this knowledge can benefit your personal endeavours and prepare you for upcoming events.  This is particularly beneficial to those who cannot make changes to a current property due to circumstances outside of their control. We also examine the personal chart of the resident to give an indication as to the year ahead. You can order this directly from our Shop it’s called the “Annual Action Pack” together with the “Chinese Annual Forecast”.

Getting Started

The following information is required in order to perform an assessment:

  • House/property plan,
  • Year of Property
  • Birth data of all key persons of the property,
  • Your objectives in seeking a Feng Shui consultation.
  • * if this an online remote consult I will also requires compass measurements and photos.

Contact me for a estimated quote on your next Feng Shui Consultation. I am available for in-person consultation and virtual online*  to anywhere in the world.