12 month Transit Report


12 Month Transit Report

This report includes Major Planetary Transits to your Natal Chart and Major Progressed Transits.

Transits Activate Your Natal Chart. This report covers the major events you need to know to plan your year ahead.

Makes a great birthday gift.



12 Month Transit Report

Report includes Major Planetary Transits to your natal chart and Major Progressed Transits.

Everything you need to plan your year ahead.

Makes a great birthday gift.

On Check Out I will require:

  • Name
  • Time of birth
  • Day, Month and Year of birth
  • Location of birth
  • new location if different to birth location
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This report is personally complied by Cindy and may take 24- 36 hours to appear in your inbox. Prices in AU$

Transits Activate Your Natal Chart

Transits will trigger your natal planets and bring an impact to you. The type of influence is determined by the planets involved and where in your chart it takes place. The duration of that influence is determined by how fast the planet moves. By understanding how and when a transit will affect your chart, you can take steps to alleviate any negative impact or make the most of a positive event by coinciding something important with it. That way, you are working with the energy, not against it. You are in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of life. Think of it as your personal weather forecast.

Time Influence


  • Moon: mood, habits, ways and means


  •   Sun: brings more energy, optimism, self-expression

Short term

  • Mercury: contacts, ideas, learning, travel
  • Venus: joy, happiness, love, money, positive changes
  • Mars: aggression, motivation, struggles, sex

Med term

  • Jupiter: abundance, growth, expansion, learning, fun
  • Saturn: hard work, stability, ambition

Long Term

  • Uranus: changes, stress, surprises, liberation
  • Neptune: imagination, creativity, confusion,
  • Pluto: transformational processes, crisis, changes

Long term transits can be life changing transits.