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Hi, my name is Cindy Coleman and I am the principal consultant and founder of Feng Shui Palace, and I have been advising clients for nearly 20 years.

Based in Australia, I am a certified Classical Feng Shui consultant with talents in BaZi, Date Selection and Western Astrology. My passion is fertility prediction using a method of right place and right timing, having become pregnant at 42 using my own technique. My mentors include, Dato Joey Yap and Rina Lee with a joint lineage to Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai.

Designing houses from the ground up using Feng Shui principles, tweaking existing houses, property selection and counselling for best timing of important events; my practice has helped clients across Australia, Asia and the USA. I am available for Astrology consults or you can request a printed Astrology Report from our online shop.

I am a published author having had a regular column in Innerself newspaper as well as contributing to other publications and websites.

  • Thousands of years ago the Chinese had an understanding of their environment and existence that melded philosophy with science. The Chinese monks living in the mountains, observed the universal energy and called it “Qi” (pronounced chi). Qi is the life force energy, the essence of life, it cannot be seen or heard, only its effects and influences are observed.
  • The Chinese believe that a person is influenced in life by three levels of Qi called the Cosmic Trinity of Heaven, Man and Earth.
  • “Heaven luck” is the luck you obtain at birth, it is your life path. It can be read through means of Astrology and can show your strengths and weaknesses in personality and foretell of events in life.
  • “Man luck”, this is completely left up to the control of the individual. It is your actions, responses and your thoughts that create your quality of life. Humankind can cultivate his or her own Qi and this can contribute not only to their physical health but also their mind energy.
  • “Earth luck”, this is the essence of Feng Shui, it is the influence of our living environment and how these surroundings can influence the quality of our lives.

Astrology is both a science and an art. It is the study and interpretation of the heavenly bodies and how they act as an augury to our lives on earth. For thousands of years humans have looked to nature for signs and patterns with which to attune their activities. Astrology has evolved to become a tool used to time events, understand a person and recognise current trends influencing us. There are many systems of Astrology, (Tropical, Chinese, Vedic, etc.) yet they are all essentially tools used to assist in our decision making.

I practice Western Tropical Astrology using the Placidus house system and Chinese BaZi Astrology, which is also known as Four Pillars. BaZi is used closely with Feng Shui, as they both use the same elemental system, with the astrology of the person fitting the astrology of the property. If you need a private consultation, I am available to look at specific issues, just fill out a contact form.  Reports are available for purchase in our Store (from time to time items may show as out of stock, this is because I am updating the product or I am temporarily backlogged with orders). All prices on the web site are in Australian Dollars.

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