The 5 Elements

The expression Five Elements describes a type of moving energy or body of Qi, rather than merely a physical element. They are really the Five Energies. The term "element" is used frequently even though it is not a true definition.
The five elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Everything in the universe is made up of one or a combination of these energies. These five energies are continuously interacting with one another; either in a productive, controlling or weakening cycle. An understanding of how these energies interact enables us to manipulate and use the available energies to their best advantage.
While the elements can be represented in a physical state, the more you delve into Feng Shui you will discover that they can also be a personal characteristic, a body part, a number, a direction or one of a number of other attributes. For these reasons it's important not to limit your thinking to just the physical.




Properties Water energy is flowing and fluid. Runs downhill.
Cycle Water is enhanced by metal, is controlled by earth, dissipated when it is used to nourish wood, and drained when it controls fire.
Colour Black or Dark Blue
Shape Wavy or Sinuous
Physical item Water, Ponds, Swimming pools, Lakes, Seas, Fountains, Aquariums, Humidifiers
Number 1
Direction North
Properties Wood energy is growing outwards and enduring.
Cycle Wood is enchanced by water, is controlled by metal, dissipated when it is used to nourish fire, and drained when it controls earth.
Colour Green
Shape Tall and Rectangular
Physical item Plants, Trees, Flowers, Grass, Bamboo, Wooden objects but living wood is preferred
Number 3, 4
Direction East and South East
Properties Fire energy radiates hot in every direction. It is very active and lifts the qi.
Cycle Fire is enhanced by wood, is controlled by water, dissipated when it is used to nourish earth, and drained when it controls metal.
Colour Red, Orange, Purple, Pink
Shape Triangular, Pointed, Sharp
Physical item Fire, Sun, Candles, Red lamps, Lightning, Electricity, Red objects, Fire place, Bright lights.
Number 9
Direction South
Properties Earth energy is Dense, All Encompassing, Attractive, Stable.
Cycle Earth is enhanced by fire, is controlled by wood, dissipated when it is used to nourish metal, and drained when it controls water.
Colour Brown, Beige, Yellow
Shape Cubic shapes, square, Flat and broad shapes
Physical item Mountains, Rocks, Bricks, Stones, Crystals, Pottery, Ceramics
Number 8, 5, 2
Direction North East, Centre,  South West
Properties Metal energy is Sharp, Rigid, Pointing and Piercing.

Cycle Metal is enhanced by earth, is controlled by fire, dissipated when it is used to nourish water, and drained when it controls wood.
Colour White, Gold, Silver
Shape Spherical, rounded
Physical item Sword, Axe,  Metal jewellery, Gold, Iron, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Metal sculpture and objects, Coins, Clocks, Metal windchime
Number 6 , 7
Direction West and North West
The Cycles  

The production cycle strengthens and grows the element it produces.
Example: Wood produces Fire.

    The weakening cycle lessens the negative effect of an element.
Example: Fire weakens Wood.
      Avoid using the controlling cycle as the effects can be unpredictable and may cause further problems later.
*Note: No element is ever “destroyed”, only transformed.
Example: Fire controls Metal.
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